South Australia’s X Convenience and Mobil take up naming rights for the inaugural Tailem Bend Supercar event this coming weekend.

100% Family owned South Australian business; X Convenience has secured naming rights in conjunction with Mobil their fuel supplier on Brad Jones Racing’s Car 8. The directors of X Convenience have come a long way from where they once started back 19 years ago, as driveway attendants. They now operate over 20 sites across South Australia. Rachel Stewart of X Convenience believes Supercars creates positive awareness for their business.

“We thoroughly love being a part of motorsport. Since 2018 we have been involved with Brad Jones Racing and have continued to build on this relationship.  We are very confident this partnership will bring a greater awareness to our sites, burger stations and convenient outlets. It’s a bonus that driver Nick Percat is one of our own, a South Australian Supercar hero” said Stewart.

Nick is having a great season thus far with achieving 15 top 10 finishes and a season best of 5th in Melbourne. He currently sits in 8th position in the championship and aims to move up the leader board by achieving solid results in front of his home crowd this weekend.

“Last year was a positive event here for me at Tailem Bend, finishing with great pace in the final race on Sunday. Charging through 10 positions on the grid and crossing the finish line in 5th place. Which I’m determined to improve on this weekend! I’m feeling confident within myself and the team as we are in a better place this year and are heading into this weekend with a solid foundation. I am eager to get out on track and improve on my previous results”. Said Percat

Nick loves being involved with local businesses and appreciates the backing and support he receives in South Australia.

“The crew of X Convenience, Bella Build and Design are all true supporters of South Australian’s and especially in Motorsport. This is now the second year in a row they have backed me and the team at Brad Jones Racing and I’m very grateful for their continued support” Concluded Percat.

The weekend marks the return of the Supercars event on the newly formed Tailem bend circuit. The venue is impressive and is sure to provide some great racing and entertainment. Team owner Brad Jones believes Nick will continue to improve and move forward as he gains momentum in his third year with the team.

“Nick is getting really comfortable within the car and the team now. It’s a process with any team and we have been working closely together to continue to move in the right direction. The cars have changed this year so it’s all hands-on deck to work together as a team, learning and developing the car. Nick’s results have been impressive throughout the year and he continues to show great race craft as he carves through the field. Last year he qualified 15th on Sunday and continued onto the race showing exceptional pace, climbing his way back up to 5th. This determination and fight have been proven at several races this year. Our point of focus at this stage is to have a better qualifying car as he has certainly shown he has the race pace to be inside the top 5”. Said Jones.



Published: 20 August 2019.

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