Practice Three

Nick - Position: 1st

Macauley – Position: 1:51.0731s

Fastest: Nick Percat – 1:49.5892s



Nick - Qualified: 12th – 1:51.4100s

Macauley – Qualified: 19th – 1:51.5901s

Pole Position: Jamie Whincup – 1:50.1371s


Race 22 – 120kms / 24 Laps

Nick - Finished: 11th

Macauley – Finished: 25th

Winner: Shane Van Gisbergen



Sunday 26th August

10:50 – 11:10 – Qualifying

13:40 – 15:05 – Race 23 – 200kms / 41 Laps



Nick came out of the gates swinging this morning, topping the final practice session in the X Convenience Mobil Supercar. Qualifying saw track conditions change, with more dust and dirt appearing on track meaning the Supercars weren’t as fast as this mornings’ session. Nick qualified just outside the top ten, in 12th.


The race was off to an eventful start, as many were trying to get a handle on driving lines, especially when trying to go into corners three wide! The order was quickly shaken up, but Nick was one driver who was able to hold position and eventually move up one spot in the order to finish in 11th.



“The day started off really well for the X Convenience Mobil Supercar crew as we topped the first practice session. All the BJR cars performed well so we were positive heading into the day. Qualifying turned out to be quite tricky, there was a lot dirt on the track making it difficult to get the lap we needed. We didn’t really get a good shot at it, so we could only manage 12th which was disappointing after the results we’d had in the latter practice sessions.”


“The race wasn’t quite what we expected, you try to change it, so it will be consistent and fast for the duration of the race, not just the one lap. With such limited running, we’re still figuring a few things out, and the car balance we needed wasn’t quite there. It gives us some good data for our debrief tonight, so we’ll go through that and figure out what we can do tomorrow to get back up the front.”

Published: 25 August 2018.

#8 Nick Percat

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