Practice Three

Position: 8th – 56.1063s

Fastest: Will Davison – 55.2847s


Qualifying Part One

Position: 18th – 55.2559s

Qualifying Part Two

Position: N/A

Qualifying Part Three

Position: N/A

Pole Position: Scott McLauglin – 54.6397s


Race 11 – 120kms/50 Laps

Finished: 9th

Winner: Scott McLaughlin



Nick Percat was one of the hard chargers in todays’ 120km race at Barbagallo Raceway, driving the wheels off the Coregas Racing Commodore to move up 9 places and finish inside the top ten. With tyres always the focus at the Perth circuit, there was plenty of passing, and teams worked hard with strategies to get the timings right to give drivers the best chance possible to make moves during the race.


With one last practice session, the elimination style qualifying sessions and final 200km race on the agenda tomorrow; it will be another exciting day here in the west.


Nick “It was a battle in this mornings qualifying session as I coulnd’t get what I needed out of the car. 18th is definitely not where was wanted to start from but to come through the race to 9th was a really good recovery by the Coregas Racing team today. The team opted to run with a longer strategy and tuned the car up after qualifying to make it a really good race car.”


“I’m getting good at passing cars which is fun to do, but if we qualify that bit better we could go that bit better. We’re just starting too far back at the minute so that’s something we need to work on. We really want to make it further through the qualifying format tomorrow.”


“I’m looking forward to having another crack tomorrow to see what we can achieve, and the longer 200km race should suit us a little bit better than today.”



Sunday 6th May

9:15–9:35 – Practice Four

11:20-11:30 – Qualifying Part One

11:35-11:45 – Qualifying Part Two

11:50-12:00 – Qualifying Part Three

14:15-15:45 – Race 12 – 200kms/83 Laps

Published: 05 May 2018.

#8 Nick Percat

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