TEMPUR knows that sleep is power, and they are ready to help provide the extra performance that the Brad Jones Racing team need for the Coates Hire Supercars Melbourne 400.


TEMPUR had their first introduction into the world of Supercars when they joined the team for last year’s Australian Grand Prix event, with signage on both the #14 Freightliner Racing & #8 Holden Commodore.


This year they are going bigger and bolder, bringing you TEMPUR Racing, as they take over Nick Percat’s #8 Commodore in a black and blue look for the Coates Hire Supercars Melbourne 400.

With points and the Larry Perkins trophy up for grabs for the first ever time this year, Nick and

TEMPUR Racing are excited heading into the seasons second event.


TEMPUR is a global company, selling products in more than 90 countries across the globe. TEMPUR research, develop, engineer, manufacture and distribute mattresses, pillows and other sleep and relaxation products, most of which are made from a formulation of their exclusive TEMPUR material, invented by NASA.


Managing Director of TEMPUR, Jason Nicholas said “Sleep is critical for most athletes, it helps them recover, stimulates muscle growth and repair. Growth hormones are released during sleep and studies show the sleep deprivation slows the release of growth hormones.”  


Nicholas continued “There are fatigue measurement tools and studies carried out throughout the world, they are used to ensure that enough sleep is incorporated into athletes training regimes. Motorsport athletes are required to perform off and on the track for long periods. Reaction time, recovery and precision are all reliant on the best possible sleep. The opportunity to work with drivers and management has helped us establish the role sleep plays in motorsport and working with Brad Jones has been instrumental in our research”


Team Boss Kim Jones welcomes back TEMPUR “Motorsport is a busy, fast-paced industry so I know for drivers and crew alike that getting a good night’s sleep is important; especially when they work long hours and most weekends. Sleep is such a significant factor for the performance of the team, it keeps them sharp, quick on their feet and notably on the track.”


Kim continued “Sleep and recovery is so imperative to how our drivers perform, some races really put them to the test. TEMPUR support many Australian athletes across a range of sports, as they understand there are many factors that contribute to performance. That’s why we trust TEMPUR for the best sleep.”

Published: 20 March 2018.

#8 Nick Percat

Brad Jones Racing

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