Race One – Finished: DNF // Winner: Scott McLaughlin
Race One at Albert Park ended in disaster for Nick Percat. A brake failure sent him across the grass and back onto the track at over 250km per hour; eventually collecting the rear corner of Lee Holdsworth’s Team 18 Commodore. Nick described this as his biggest crash in anything he has ever raced, and was shaken up by the experience. When the car finally came to a sudden halt at the tyre barrier, Nick had fuel coming into the cabin finding it hard to breathe and also reporting a heavy knock to his knee. Luckily both Nick and Lee walked away from the incident without any injuries, a testament to the safety of the Supercars. Unfortunately the team has assessed the damage and Car #8 will not be participating in any further races here at the Australian Grand Prix event.
“At that point of the accident you think about survival and figure out how you can get out of that situation or reduce the impact somehow. I went to brake at the 150 metre board and there was nothing there. I was trying to clear the cars in front of me but unfortunately hit Lee on the corner. It probably slowed down my impact into the tyre wall, but all round it’s disappointing for not only me but the Team 18 guys too.”
“I’ve never had a crash like that before, it really shakes you up. I know if our team could repair it and get me back out there they would, they do a brilliant job. The damage is just too much. It’s been a trying run to the start of our season, as we’ve shown some really good pace.”
“After the impact there was fuel coming into the car, I was breathing it in and couldn’t get any oxygen. I was struggling to breathe and was coughing and felt like I was going to be sick from the fumes.”
“It’s a shame to end our weekend like this, but we’ll regroup and I look forward to getting to Symmons Plains.”
Saturday 25th March
15:20-15:55 – Race Three
Sunday 26th March
13:05-13:35 – Race Four
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Published: 27 March 2017.

#8 Nick Percat

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