LAPS – 27






WINNER – Shane Van Gisbergen



LAPS – 14





WINNER – Harley Haber



Coregas Racing #8 Nick Percat

Nick bought it home strong and finished the finale on a positive note with a top ten finish. The Bathurst champion had a relatively hassle-free night and showed strong driving and race pace across the two races. Even Nelson the lab stayed awake for the Grand Final too! An overall finish of 15th in the Championship.

The word from Nick:

“The final round was actually uneventful with some good solid racing and less carnage. I finally managed to get my wheel fixed after weeks of it not functioning properly so that helped to get me at the pointy end of the field. I’ve enjoyed the last ten weeks of Eseries, I tried to keep it fun and show fans watching what my personality is like away from the track without a helmet on. Nelson also managed to capture everyone’s hearts by literally doing nothing but sleep so that was a bit of fun. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience and a big thank you to our partners for making this possible and everyone who tuned in. Thanks for your ongoing support!”


Brut Military Grade #14 Todd Hazelwood

Lucky 13 was Todd’s number of the night, crossing the line here in both races and finishing off the Championship in 13th overall. Having a strong start at Bathurst before getting hit from behind, sent him to the back of the pack but this didn’t stop Todd and he showed tremendous pace making his way back up the field. Todd in the Brut Military Grade Commodore finished the Eseries on a high after not even owning a sim at home. Well done Todd!

The word from Todd:

“Really happy to finish with some strong results leading into the championship and it was cool to race at Oran Park as I haven’t done that before. I’ve shown good race pace over the last couple of rounds so I think that’s a good positive to take away. Overall I’ve enjoyed the Eseries and how it’s gone, it’s been a tremendous challenge, I didn’t even have a sim or raced on one competitively before so I feel I have come a long way and it’s been a big learning curve. The highlight throughout the competition was getting a podium for myself, Brut and BJR at COTA. It’s been great to keep the racing going during these crazy times, even though it was virtual. Thanks to the team for all their support and now I can’t wait to get back on track for real!”


Team CoolDrive #3 Macauley Jones

The Team CoolDrive Commodore was back at Oran Park for the first time as Supercars returned (virtually) after 12 years. It was unfortunately a rough finale for Macca with some hurdles along the way. Getting caught in a lap one battle at Bathurst didn’t help, thankfully receiving no damage but ultimately slowing him down. The bad luck continued when Dave Reyonlds gave him a tap and pushed him off track. A hard night to finish on however Macca has shown huge improvement and skill right through the competition. On to real racing now.

The word from Macca:

“I would’ve liked to finish with some better results for my last round to be honest but I got caught up in some carnage and a hit which gave me damage. It was cool to be racing at Oran Park and then back at Bathurst for the last one. It’s been a bit of an up and down series for me and it’s definitely been challenging as this was all new to me so learning the technique has been a big learning curve. It’s been great to have this to do while we’ve been away from the track so thanks to CoolDrive and our partners for the ongoing support. I’ve learnt some new skills and that’s what it’s all about. I hope everyone at home was entertained!”


SCT Motor Sport #4 Jack Smith

The Supercars Rookie had a challenging finale night of the Eseries. He faced a difficult first race at Oran Park but turned it around for race two - despite some bad luck. From never even racing on a Sim prior to this competition, Jack has shown strong potential and took on the challenges like a trojan.

The word from Jack:

“Round 10 started with some difficulty, I didn’t have the best pace in quali and the race at Oran park was challenging! I got a good start at Bathurst and made up plenty of positions during the first quarter of the race but a couple of incidents lost me some time including having to be towed which ultimately cost us a good finish. Overall, the Eseries has been great and I applaud Supercars and the series for being so resourceful in the current situation.



We return to the track – for real!

Sydney Motorsport Park

June 27th-28th