Final two rounds are here and you know the drill by now.. Details below!

Where are we going this week?

For the first time in the Eseries we are racing at just the one track and it’s at an oval – Michigan International Speedway. On this week’s agenda, one quali followed by two heat race quali sessions (Duel 1 & 2). Odd numbers from quali go into Duel 1 and even numbers Duel 2. Finishing order from Dual 1 sorts the inside row for Race 1 and finishing order from Duel 2 sorts the outside row for Race 1 – confused yet haha! There will then be three races with a reverse grid for Race 2 and a grid set from points accrued for Race 3. Wow, it’s going to be an action-packed night. 


BJR Car #8 Nick Percat

Nick Percat is back in the Coregas Racing livery for some redemption after a not so desirable round last week. Hopefully the oval racing works in his favour and we see the vibrant blue and orange colours up the front. 

The word from Nick:

“Last week was a bit of a shocker so I’ve put that behind me and I’m looking forward to tonight at Michigan. All three races at the same track is good and the new Duel system will be a bit of fun. Having the race formats different each week has provided some great entertainment and excitement so no doubt tonight will be any different.”


BJR Car #14 Todd Hazelwood

Todd has been going round all week (pun intended) to prep for tonight’s oval racing round. Each week we’ve seen Todd get stronger and stronger so we’re looking forward to seeing what Todd can bring tonight in the Brut Military Grade Commodore for a night of slipstreaming around this high-speed venue. 

The word from Todd:

“I’m pumped for tonight, last time we raced on oval tracks it was so close with great racing. Strategy and tactics is so important on these oval tracks and getting that tow can make all the difference so I’m looking forward to it.”


Team CoolDrive #3 Macauley Jones

With two rounds to go, Macca in the #3 has been fine tuning his skills in preparation to take on Michigan Speedway tonight. With only the one track on the agenda, all the focus has been on oval racing and learning the ins and outs. Tactics and overtaking is key and we’re looking forward to seeing Macca in the Team CoolDrive Commodore turn it on tonight!

The word from Macca:

“Should be a good night of racing and there’s a few different race formats going on which will bring the entertainment. The two Duel quali’s will be interesting then of course the reverse grid never disappoints. I’m looking forward to it!”


SCT Motor Sports #4 Jack Smith

Jack is geared up for Round 9 and looking forward to the challenge of oval racing once again. Last time Supercars raced at oval tracks we saw a few crashes, multiple changes for the lead and very tight finishes which provided great entertainment so Jack in the #4 SCT Motorsports Commodore is in for a fun night of racing.

The word from Jack:

“Oval racing is fun, I really enjoyed it last time and I’m looking forward to the challenge again. It’s fast and exciting which I like and if you get a good tow you’re in for a great shot. I’m looking forward to our second last round tonight.”


Anything else? 

Five Wildcards are joining the grid this week with former Supercar Driver Michael Caruso to steer a second Monster Energy Mustang, Champion Drifter “Mad Mike”, Renault FI prodigy Christian Lundgaard, Super 2 Driver Jordan Boys and Aaron Seton.

You know the drill - 6pm quali broadcast exclusively live on Fox Motorsport 506 then racing kicks off at 7pm on Fox and live streamed on all team Facebook pages. Get set to go round… and round… and round!